How STSHBX Started

Like many great inventions (okay, and some ridiculous ones), the idea for STSHBX was sparked between two friends and a packed bowl.

Meet Andre Hinojosa and Eric Rodriquez: two southern California natives, sons of immigrants, and pursuers of good vibes only. We call ‘em Dre and E-Rod around here. The pair met their freshman year at the University of California Irvine and bro’d out so hard, they practically became real brothers. A shared passion for adventure and exploration, matched by consistent, unbending loyalty fused their friendship for life. 

Growing up on the West Coast, where the grass is definitely greener, Dre and E-Rod witnessed firsthand that the Devil’s lettuce their parents had warned them about was quite different from the Blue Dream their friends were passing around. From early days of high school blazing to collegiate smoke circles, they shared joints and blunts with countless bright-minded individuals who expanded their idea of who a “stoner” could be. For every Dead Head in tie dye, there was a med student in scrubs lighting one up. Yet, it seemed the cannabis industry only served the wandering hippie.